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Emily Flanders Kight

Emily Kight was born and raised in Laurens County, Georgia.  She graduated from East Laurens High School, and, after high school, raised her two sons, Brian, a business owner in Savannah, and Joshua, an attorney and current mayor of Dublin, Georgia.  

Emily returned to college later in life, graduating with honors from Georgia College and State University in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  She graduated from John Marshall School of Law with honors in 1997. 

Jacob W. Poole

Jacob's family has long roots in Laurens County, Georgia. He, his wife, and children  were happy to have an opportunity to move back home in 2021, after several years working in the Perry-Warner Robins area. Jacob holds a finance degree from the University of Georgia, along with an MBA and law degree from Mercer University. 

History of the Kight Law Firm

The Kight Law Firm, P.C., has a long history in Dublin, Georgia.  In 1979,  Billy R. Kight and H. Gibbs Flanders, Jr., formed the law practice with the help of Emily Flanders Kight, who was then their legal assistant.  In the early 1990's, Gibbs Flanders became Judge of the Superior Courts of the Dublin Judicial District, a position he held until recently.  In 1997, Emily graduated from the John Marshall School of Law (J.D., with honors) in Atlanta, Georgia, and joined the firm as a partner. Emily soon focused her practice on real estate, an area she already had great knowledge of through her eighteen years experience as a title examiner and legal assistant.  

In 2001, Billy and Emily were joined by their son, Joshua Kight, now a solo practitioner (Joshua E. Kight, LLC) specializing in business law.  In 2006, Billy Kight became full-time county attorney for Laurens County.

With years of experience, not to mention friends and relatives throughout the local legal establishment, Emily is well-positioned to deliver quality results for her many clients.